My Story


Rebel is a force to be reckoned with.   As he is able to turn his thoughts, feelings, & pain into pure creativity.  Cranking out Beautiful or Hard-Hitting anthems with flawless precision.  Born as Michael Holmes in the spring of 1989.  Rebel was considered an outcast growing up.  He always stated "Music was the one thing that didn't bring the feeling of being an outsider".


Being an avid Hip-Hop listener since a kid a young prince named Rebel began writing his own songs.  It wasn't until his teenage years with only the  use of a laptop and the confines of a janitor's closet.  Rebel allowed his dream to flourish as he recorded his very first track.  Rebel fell head over heels with the process of making music and performing from then on.


Over time, his catalog grew to release 3 full-length mixtapes titled Inferno City Vol. 1-3 respectively, and a slew of singles, and unreleased tunes. Rebel plans to use his music, brand,  intelligent mindset, and strong personality.  In order to take the entertainment world by storm.

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